Florida Sea World

Behind the Scenes at Sea World


Sea World is one of Florida's main tourist attractions, but few tourists get to see the activities that go on behind the scenes, as we did. Albion's Dr. Carrier collaborates with scientists from Sea World, and was able to arrange this tour for us. Above, students are being told about efforts to rehabilitate injured Florida Manatees. Below, you can see the scars from boat propellers on the back of a manatee. This animal is being treated with antibiotics, in hopes that these wounds will heal. The animal will then be returned to its habitat and released.



Important research in marine biology is also being conducted at Sea world. Below students and faculty are looking at young sharks, still in their eggs, in the research facility adjacent to Sea World's "Terror of the Deep" display. Albion students working with Dr. Carrier have been involved with Sea World in a project which involves observing shark mating events, capturing females, and taking them to this facility. Much of what is known about shark reproduction results from this study.