Exchange Students:

Employment is not allowed for J-1 exchange students at Albion College. Exchange students at Albion College must complete 3-4 academic courses per semester. They attend a multi-day international student orientation prior to classes starting. Fall 2019 exchange students.

Native Speaker Teaching Assistants (NSTA):

Native Speaker TAs will be authorized for employment during the international orientation process, and should verify this authorization with the Center for International Education before beginning work. Native Speaker Teaching Assistants must complete at least two academic courses per semester and may engage in independent research related to their fields of study. These activities, combined with the teaching activities, meet J-1 visa requirements for full-time, non-degree students pursuing a prescribed course of study. The Albion College Modern Language Department coordinates the mandatory Native Speaker TA orientation activities prior to classes starting.

J-1 exchange participants must engage in appropriate activities, and be employed only with authorization. Unauthorized employment is a violation of program status.