New Student Frequently Asked Questions

Packing list suggestions:  Many international students are unsure of what they will need once they get to campus and move into their dorm room. Please read the following advice from our office and other international students.

  • Bring a long ethernet cord for your computer; sometimes the connection is way across the room!

  • Bring flip flops with you; they are less expensive overseas and you will wear them all the time in the United States.

  • Bring pictures, music, and videos from home; they will help you when you are feeling homesick and you can share them with students who are curious about your country, too.

  • Bring your medications if at all possible. Medicine in the United States is very expensive.

  • Bring some nice clothes with you, but not too many. You will have a chance to dress up,but mostly students wear jeans, T-shirts, and sweatpants.  Lubricant eyedrops: since most students face dry eyes when traveling for several hours.

  • Bring some of your favorite cookies, candy, or treats from home; you can't always get the same foods in the U.S. as you can at home. Also, be willing to try new foods native to the United States. You might also want to bring recipes from home.

  • Leave anything really big at home; you can buy almost anything in the U.S. and will have plenty of opportunities to shop.(ex. stereo, flashlight, hot pot, surge protector and other electrical appliances).

  • Bring your camera and extra memory cards so that you can take and send lots of pictures home to family and friends.

  • You may want to bring a dictionary that translates words from English to your own language and vice-versa.  The majority speak English in the United States and it's never too late to began improving your English lexicon.
  • You may want to bring an umbrella or raincoat.  The weather in Michigan is very unpredictable, and no one likes being caught in the rain.
  • Other miscellaneous items may include: address book, lip balm, calculator, and sewing kit.
  • Don't bring large containers of shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste with you; you will have a shopping trip your first full day here.

  • Don't bring school supplies; they are very cheap and easy to get.

  • Don't bring appliances unless you have an adapter; the United States runs on 120 single-phase voltage. Bring an adapter for your computer, too!