International Student Recruitment

Albion College is pleased to welcome some of the world’s brightest and most engaged students to campus to share their expertise, passion, and perspectives with the Albion community.

Albion’s international recruitment initiatives share the Albion spirit through travel, partnerships, and digital marketing in order to attract a diverse and qualified student body from all corners of the earth, whether students who’ve grown up abroad and hope to add an American education to their careers, US citizens who are finishing high school overseas and wish to return to the US for college, or international students at US high schools preparing to earn their bachelor’s in the US. These students are embraced in the Albion community and find a campus home at Albion, and go on to share Albion College with the world.

Recent recruitment initiatives include:

  • Establishing Albion Global Ambassadors – current students who interact with prospective students and share a sense of campus that can be hard to learn from afar. You can follow the Albion Global Ambassador Facebook page!
  • Participating in the #YouAreWelcomeHere national scholarship to recognize international students who will bridge cultures on the Albion campus.

Would you like to help? The international reach among alumni and friends of the college helps Albion identify and attract internationally minded students. If you have connections to international communities in the US or abroad contact the Office of Admission at to discuss opportunities. If you know an excellent student who should consider Albion, join Albion’s Referral Program to connect them to admissions staff.