New York Arts Program: New York City

A Great Lakes Colleges Association Recognized Program

Subjects: Visual Arts & Art History Performing Arts, Film, Media & Sound and Writing, Publishing & Criticism.

Prerequisities: 2.7 GPA, junior-level standing, demonstrated maturity. Placement with a sponsoring artist to be arranged by a New York faculty advisor.

Length: Fall semester, spring semester (4 credits = 1 unit).

Credit: 4.0 units (16 semester hours): 2.0 unit seminars, 2.0 units internship, credit/no credit only.

Faculty: Each student is assigned an academic advisor from their area of study. All NYAP faculty are accomplished artists in their area and customize a student internship serving as liaison between sponsor and student. They teach an eight-week seminar in an area study and provide one on one tutorials throughout the semester.

Housing: NYAP provides housing through Educational Housing Services (EHS). Students will be living in dorms at St. George Towers in historic Brooklyn Heights, just across the river from Manhattan. 

Cost: Albion College tuition and room charges cover program tuition, fees and room.

Costs Not Covered by Albion: $500 for refundable housing deposit, travel to New York City for the required interview and for the program, food, local transportation, miscellaneous personal expenses, incidentals, and entertainment.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bille K. Wickre, 517-629-0249,

Comments: The New York Arts program is made up of 4 components: Internships, Seminars, Tutorial & Independent Study and Journals. Students will be required to work in internships usually 30 hours a week forming the major part of the program; take an eight-week seminar with their Faculty Advisors on various topics; pursue a clearly defined self-directed study project designed in conjunction with and supervised by his or her faculty advisor; and keep a journal of their experiences, observations and critical reflections. Albion allows only 4 total units of internship toward graduation requirements; the Registrar can help you determine if you will exceed this amount.

Susan Childrey
Associate Director
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New York, NY 10018
Telephone: 212-563-0255
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