Payroll Dates




Summer 2021 Academic Pay Periods

All student timesheet must be submitted to the supervisor no later than at 11:59 PM on the last day of the pay period

All supervisors must approve the timesheet no later than 5:00 PM on the Monday following the end of the pay period.

Pay PeriodPay Date
May 17 - May 30 June 10, 2021
May 31 - Jun 13 June 24, 2021
Jun 14 - Jun 27 July 8, 2021
Jun 28 - Jul 11 July 22, 2021
Jul 12 - Jul 25 August 5, 2021
Jul 26 - Aug 8 August 19, 2021
Aug 9 - Aug 22 September 2, 2021

Students: It is your responsibility to "submit your time for approval" by the specified date each pay period. Not verifying your time entry may delay the

processing of your pay check until the next scheduled pay date.

Supervisors: You must approve all time sheets by the stated date to ensure that your student employees are paid on the scheduled pay date.

Check Delivery: During the Academic year, student pay checks are delivered to the Kellogg Post Office and must be signed for. A form of ID is required to pick up your check.

Direct Deposit: Students are expected to participate in the direct deposit option for receiving their pay. A significant benefit of this program is the flexibility of not having to be on campus on pay day, particularly helpful for pay days that fall at the end of semesters and/or during breaks.

**For the dates indicated above. Your pay check will be mailed to your permanent Mailing Address on record with the College. If a student wants his or her pay check mailed to an address other than the mailing address on record the student must submit a self-addressed envelope and present his or her student ID at the time of delivery of the self-addressed envelope to Human Resources, located within Campus Safety.

If you have any questions, please call Angie Konkle in the Student Payroll/Human Resources Office (x-0203).