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Dear Ms. / Mr. / Dr.________:

Opening Paragraph: Attract attention.  Clearly state the reason for writing; name the position or type of work you are applying for.  Identify how you heard about the opening, or how the employer’s name was obtained (i.e., Albion College Career and Internship Center; Professor Smith in the English Department at Albion College; etc.).  Introduce your themes.

Second and Third Paragraphs: Outline your strongest qualifications that match the position requirements based on the themes you selected.  As much as possible, provide evidence of your related experiences and accomplishments.  Describe what you can do for the employer, rather than what they can do for you.  Point out your specific achievements and unique qualifications that are relevant to the position.  Try not to state information using the same words you used in the resume.

Fourth Paragraph: Suggest an action plan.  Make reference to your enclosed resume and restate your interest by indicating your availability for a personal interview.  Either suggest a time or state your willingness to come at the convenience of the individual employer.

Fifth Paragraph:  Express appreciation to the reader for his or her time and consideration.



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