Interdisciplinary Courses

Interdisciplinary courses are offered to bridge the gaps which sometimes exist between differing, but related, academic areas. Each semester a variety of interdisciplinary courses are included in the curriculum. Students in these courses are exposed to a broad range of ideas and concepts which have been integrated to make them intellectually exciting. These courses may be team-taught by two or more faculty members or be problem-oriented courses which, by their nature, do not fit into existing departmental offerings.

HCI 101 Introduction to Health Care (1/4)
Prerequisites: Completion and submission of application materials for the Institute for Healthcare Professions. (Go to
Examines myriad healthcare careers and the education, rewards and challenges associated with each one. Emphasizes the team approach to health care, focusing on interactions among individuals with various specializations. Staff.

HCI 102 Issues in Health Care (1/4)
Prerequisites: Membership in the Institute for Healthcare Professions.
Explores a variety of professional and personal issues encountered by people working in the healthcare system. Considers current events and issues related to health care. Provides insight into the various professions that make up a collaborative healthcare team. Staff.

IDY 100 Academic Success (1)
Utilizes lecture, discussion, readings and experience-based learning to provide students with an intellectual and practical understanding of psychological theories and concepts related to academic success. Focuses on constructs related to motivation, effort, personal insight, metacognition, self-regulation, the process of change and emotional intelligence. Staff.

IDY 198 Holocaust Studies (1/2)
Reviews the history of genocide, the history of the Jewish communities in Poland and the history of the Nazi extermination of Jews in Poland during the Second World War. Required for, and restricted to, students selected to participate in the spring Holocaust Studies Service-Learning Project in Poland. Offered in alternate years. Staff.

IDY 262 Arts Integrated Learning (1)
Introduces K-8 teacher certification candidates to basic elements of arts composition (space, time, energy), performance and artistic analysis as they relate to music, visual art, dance and theatre as well as the work of prominent artists within these disciplines. Creative assignments and lesson plans explored within the class are implemented within diverse learning environments. Culminating projects include the creation and presentation of original works of art in the discipline of the candidate's choice. Staff.

PALN 209 Dinosaurs (1)
An interdisciplinary examination of the paleontology and biology of dinosaurs and their role in the history of science, popular culture and religion. Lectures, discussions, demonstrations, documentaries and popular films are included. Bartels.

SCI 205 Women and Ethnic Minorities in Science (1)
Prerequisite: One 100-level science course.
An examination of both the history of women and other traditionally excluded persons in science, and the way science has looked at them. The course considers such questions as: Why are there so few members of these groups in science? What contributions have these scientists made? Would science be different if more members of these groups were scientists? Staff.

SCI 285 Integrated Science for Elementary Teachers (1)
Prerequisite: A science course with a laboratory.
An integrated survey of astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology and physics for elementary education students. Staff.