These lists are current as of July 1, 2012.

Office of the President

Donna M. Randall, president; B.A., 1974, Drake University; M.B.A., 1984, M.A., 1979, Ph.D., 1982, Washington State University.

Jeanne M. Bachus, executive secretary to the president; B.S., 1982, Eastern Michigan University.

Office of Academic Affairs

Susan P. Conner, provost and professor of history; B.A., 1969, Armstrong State College; M.A., 1974; Ph.D., 1977, Florida State University.

Delores A. Duff, assistant to the provost; B.A., 2009, Albion College.

Dawn J. Hernandez, provost office assistant; B.A., 1990, Albion College; M.A., 1998, Wayne State University.

Erik A. Achenbach, associate registrar; B.A., 1992, M.A. 2001, Western Michigan University.

Cheryl M. Blackwell, bibliographic instruction/reference librarian; B.S., 1980, Wayne State University; M.I.L.S., 1987, University of Michigan.

David B. Carey, chemical hygiene officer, Chemistry Department; B.S., 1980, Western Michigan University.

Amber M. Cook, theatre technical director; B.A., 2002, University of Michigan-Flint; M.F.A., 2010, Michigan State University.

Amanda A. Cope, associate director of career development; B.A., 2006; M.A., 2011, Spring Arbor University.

Anne M. Cox, coordinator, Carl A. Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management; B.A.A., 1985, Central Michigan University.

Guy M. Cox, director, Ferguson Center for Technology-Aided Learning and Teaching; B.A., 1978, University of California, Santa Cruz; M.A., 1984, Ph.D. candidate, University of California, Berkeley.

Claudia A. Diaz, co-director of libraries; B.A., 1976, College of William and Mary; A.M.L.S., 1984, University of Michigan.

Marikay Dobbins, coordinator, Institute for Premedical Professions and Health Sciences; Diploma in Nursing, 1985, Blodgett Memorial Medical Center.

Andrew M. Dunham, associate dean for academic affairs and registrar; B.A., 1986, San Jose State University; M.M.E., 1990, Ph.D., 2000, University of Northern Colorado.

Ann M. Garrett, coordinator, Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service; A.A., 1988, Northwestern Michigan College; B.S., 1993, Michigan State University.

Nicole H. Garrett, college archivist; B.A., 2005, Michigan State University.

Shelly E. Goodman, coordinator, Academic Skills Center; A.S., 1997, Kellogg Community College; B.A., 1999, Siena Heights University.

David J. Green, director, Whitehouse Nature Center; B.A., 1989, Bluffton University.

Robert D. Harris, technician, Geological Sciences and Physics Departments; B.S., 1971, Michigan State University; M.S., 1972, Michigan Technological University.

Kurt C. Hellman, technician, Biology Department; B.S., 1988, University of Michigan; M.S., 1991, Eastern Michigan University.

Scott A. Hendrix, director, Academic Skills Center, and director of writing; B.A., 1983, Oregon State University; M.F.A., 1987, University of Oregon; Ph.D., 1999, University of Kansas.

Karen S. Hoaglin, coordinator, Fritz Shurmur Center for Teacher Development; B.A., 1993, Hope College; M.A., 1997, Western Michigan University.

Thomas R. Johnson, director of campus wellness; B.S., 1971, Illinois State University; M.A., 1990, 1992, Western Michigan University; Ph.D., 1996, Walden University.

Mary O. Jones, director of career development; B.A., 2000, Goucher College; M.Ed., 2002, Columbia University; Ph.D., 2007, Capella University.

Kurt S. Juday, music manager; A.S., 2008, B.S., 2009, Full Sail University.

Renee M. Kreger, coordinator, Prentiss M. Brown Honors Program.

Rebecca M. Markovich, library circulation services coordinator; B.A., 1998, Spring Arbor University.

Karla R. McCavit, director, Quantitative Skills Center; B.S., 1993, Adrian College; M.S., 1995, Michigan State University.

Marion F. Meilaender, library serials coordinator; B.A., 1975, Northwestern University; M.A., 1977, Ph.D., 1979, Princeton University.

Alice W. Moore, document access librarian; B.A., 1973, Albion College; M.I.L.S., 1988, University of Michigan.

Jason M. Moritz, education certification officer; B.A., 1992, Northwestern University; M.A., 1998, University of Iowa; M.L.I.S., 2002, University of California, Los Angeles.

Emily Nolan, director, Carl A. Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management; B.A., 1992, Guilford College; M.B.A., 2005, Wake Forest University.

Megan M. O’Neill, Web services and emerging technologies librarian; B.A., 2008, Kalamazoo College; M.S., 2009, Wayne State University.

Debra L. Peterson, director, Center for International Education; B.A. 1974, Juniata College; M.P.S. 1990, Cornell University; Ph.D. 2003, Michigan State University.

Alfred M. Pheley, director, Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service and Institute for Premedical Professions and Health Sciences; B.A., 1982, Indiana University; M.S., 1984, North Dakota State University; Ph.D., 1990, University of Minnesota.

Pamela M. Schwartz, assistant director, Academic Skills Center, and director, Learning Support Center; B.A., 1970, University of Michigan; M.S., 1972, Purdue University; Ph.D., 1978, University of Michigan.

Christopher B. Stokdyk, ESL coordinator, Center for International Education; B.S., 2004, Indiana University; M.S., 2009, Michigan State University.

Bobbie J. Van Eck, assistant registrar; B.S., 1978, Albion College; M.A., 1988, Western Michigan University.

Michael A. Van Houten, co-director of libraries and head of public services; B.S., 1975, Central Michigan University; A.M.L.S., 1978, University of Michigan.

Edward J. Visco, associate director, Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service; B.A., 2004, Albion College; M.Ed., 2006, Chestnut Hill College.

Starr E. Weaver, coordinator, Foundation for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity; A.S., 1990, Lansing Community College; A.S., 1998, Washtenaw Community College; B.A., 2002, Eastern Michigan University.

Douglas White, associate director, Center for Sustainability and the Environment; B.S., 1976, Pennsylvania State University; M.S., 1978, University of Tennessee; Ph.D., 1989, Rutgers University.

John W. Woell, associate provost; B.A., 1993, Valparaiso University; M.A., 1995, Vanderbilt University; M.A., 2000, Ph.D. 2002, Claremont Graduate University.

Barry L. Wolf, learning support specialist, Academic Skills Center and psychologist, Counseling Center; B.A., 1998, University of Michigan; M.A., 2001, Psy.D., 2005, Georgia School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University.

Athletic Department

Matthew R. Arend, director of athletics; B.S., 1998, M.A., 2001, Western Michigan University.

Dustin A. Beurer, assistant football coach; B.A., 2005, Albion College; M.A., 2007, Morehead State University.

Gerald K. Block, associate athletic director, men's soccer coach and director, Dow Recreation and Wellness Center; B.A., 1995, DePauw University; M.E., 2000, Springfield College.

Doreen A. Carden, head women's basketball coach; B.S., 1995, Oakland University.

Scott J. Carden, head baseball coach and equipment manager; B.A., 1998, Bowling Green State University.

Lance C. Coleman, head men’s and women's track and field coach; B.A., 1991, Albion College.

Jacob N. DeCola, head men's lacrosse coach; B.F.A., 1995, University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth; M.F.A., 1998, University of Utah.

Christina M. Finch, head softball coach; B.A., 2008, Madonna University.

Tammy M. Jolly, head women’s soccer coach; B.S., 2001, Allegheny College; M.S., 2011, University of Northern Colorado.

Sara A. Koski, head athletic trainer; B.A., 2001, Oregon State University; M.A., 2004, Western Michigan University.

Jody R. May, head men's basketball coach; B.A., 1993, Ohio Northern University; M.A., 1995, Bowling Green State University.

Jordan F. McArleton, head women's golf coach; B.A., 2003, Albion College.

Caleb R. Padilla, assistant football coach/defensive coordinator; B.A., 2008, Metropolitan State College of Denver.

Gregory W. Polnasek, associate athletic director, compliance and assistant football coach; B.A., 1979, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; M.A., 1980, Ohio State University; M.Ed., 1981, Bowling Green State University.

Jordan M. Rich, head men's golf coach; B.A., 2003, Albion College.

Craig S. Rundle, head football coach; B.A., 1974, Albion College; M.A., 1977, Central Michigan University.

Kristin M. Slamer, head volleyball coach; B.A., 2007, Albion College; M.A. candidate, Western Michigan University.

Hayden R. Smith, head men's and women's cross country coach; B.A., 1970, Albion College; M.S., 1971, San Diego State University.

Jacob G. Taber, head men's and women's swimming coach; B.A., 2004, Hope College; M.A., 2009, Western Michigan University.

Melissa A. Walton, senior associate athletic director and senior women's administrator; B.A., 1996, Olivet College; M.A., 1998, Central Michigan University.

Office of Enrollment

Joshua D. Merchant, interim vice president for enrollment management; B.A., 1996, Albion College; M.S., 2003, Michigan State University; Ph.D. candidate, Western Michigan University.

Carol A. Ramon, administrative assistant for enrollment.

Lewis A. Cardenas, director of international student recruitment; B.A., 2002, Albion College; M.S., 2007, DePaul University.

Nicholas J. Clements, associate director of financial aid; B.A., 2006, Albion College.

Karen I. Cuzydlo, associate director of transfer student recruitment; B.S., 1993, Michigan State University.

Amanda M. Dubiel, director of admission operations; B.S., 1995, Western Michigan University.

Darci A. Face, assistant director of financial aid; B.A., 1995, Albion College.

Heather A. Fuchs, assistant director of admission; B.A., 2005, Western Michigan University.

Nickolai S. Kanagawa, assistant director of admission; B.A., 2004, Albion College.

Dorothy S. Lerew, assistant director of admission; B.A., 2002, Albion College.

Lloyd J. McPartlin, assistant director of admission; B.S., 1996, Central Michigan University.

Kristin A. Padilla, assistant director of admission; B.A., 2006, University of Northern Colorado.

Marsha B. Whitehouse, associate director for campus visit programs; B.A., 1970, Albion College.

Ann A. Whitmer, director of financial aid; B.A., 1986, M.S., 1992, Michigan State University.

Lars P. Zabel, senior associate director of financial aid; B.A., 1977, Albion College.

Office of Finance and Administration

Michael L. Frandsen, vice president for finance and administration; B.S., 1983, M.B.A., 1990, Pennsylvania State University; Ph.D., 2003, University of Texas, Austin.

Eric W. Beadle, director of technical services and networking; B.S., 1987, DeVry Institute of Technology.

Scott Boulanger, systems/network technician.

Randi Branson-Gardner, stable manager/instructor, Nancy G. Held Equestrian Center.

Robin R. Brubaker, instructional technologist; A.A., 2009, Kellogg Community College; B.A., 2011, Spring Arbor University.

Kimberly J. Butters, accounting supervisor.

Susan L. Clark, purchasing manager.

Prudie K. DeWaters, office manager.

Timothy J. DeWitt, business manager; B.S., 1981, Central Michigan University.

Mark C. Frever, director of grounds; B.A., 1991, Michigan State University; CSFM (Certified Sportsfield Manager).

Brandon M. Fuller, assistant stable/grounds manager, Nancy G. Held Equestrian Center.

Dawn M. Green, payroll supervisor.

Randi C. Heathman, marketing and recruitment coordinator, Nancy G. Held Equestrian Center; B.A., 2003, Albion College; M.A., 2011, Spring Arbor University.

Mark S. Holbrook, controller; B.A., 1986, Michigan State University.

Diana L. Hopkins, senior programmer/analyst; A.A., 1981, Kellogg Community College.

Ralph H. Houghton, senior instructional technologist; A.A., 1987, Community College of the Air Force; B.S., 1973, University of Tampa; M.S.C.I.S., 1986, Boston University.

Carolyn W. Killewald, office manager, Nancy G. Held Equestrian Center; B.A., 2004, Albion College.

Angela N. Konkle, payroll/human resources assistant.

Melinda A. Kraft, director of instructional technology; B.A., 2009, Spring Arbor University; M.Ed., 2011, Full Sail University.

Mitchell R. Kyser, network administrator.

Catherine G. Leavitt, administrative assistant to the vice president for finance and administration, business office and auxiliary services; A.S., 1981, Fisher College.

Pamela A. Levay, network administrator; B.S., 1987, Indiana Institute of Technology.

Songtao 'Tom' Liu, database and applications administrator; B.A., 1993, Shandong (China) Institute of Economics.

Lisa A. Locke, director of human resources; B.S., 1988, Aquinas College; M.A., 1991, Central Michigan University.

Ryan O. Maes, systems administrator.

Amanda Majewski, senior finance analyst; A.B., 2009, Lansing Community College; B.B.A., 2011, Siena Heights University.

Shahid S. Malik, technical administrator; A.A.S., 2007, Washtenaw Community College.

Donald E. Masternak, director of facilities operations and management; B.S., 1980, University of Michigan.

William D. McCoy, director of maintenance and energy management.

Danielle R. Menteer, interim director/instructor, Nancy G. Held Equestrian Center; B.S., 2006, Lake Erie College.

Holly Buege Miller, internal auditor; B.A., 1996, Albion College; C.P.A.

Linda M. Neal, human resources coordinator.

John R. Okerman, facilities supervisor.

Rhonda Z. Rasmussen, help desk specialist.

Ruth L. Reese, staff accountant; A.A., 2002, B.B.A., 2006, M.B.A., 2010, Baker College.

Jordan M. Rich, director of user services; B.A., 2003, Albion College.

Linda M. Robinson, database support specialist; B.S., 1971, Michigan State University.

Scott W. Stephen, associate vice president for information services and chief information officer; B.A., 1970, Butler University; M.Div., 1973, Louisville Presbyterian Seminary.

Todd A. Tekiele, director of auxiliary services; B.A., 1990, Michigan State University; M.S., 2010, Cornerstone University.

Laura K. Ward-McDowell, campus services supervisor; B.A., 1992, Albion College.

Rebecca Williams, help desk coordinator.

Kellie D. Williamson, office manager, facilities.

Office of Institutional Advancement

Joshua D. Merchant, vice president for institutional advancement; B.A., 1996, Albion College; M.S., 2003, Michigan State University; Ph.D. candidate, Western Michigan University.

Linda K. Ohmer, administrative assistant to the vice president for institutional advancement.

Marie L. Ames, director of development; A.A., 2009, Kellogg Community College; B.A., 2011, Albion College.

Sarah F. Briggs, associate vice president for communications; B.A., 1974, Ohio Wesleyan University; M.S., 2011, Eastern Michigan University.

Anna B. Coulter, director of college relations, prospect management and research; B.A., 1988, University of Chicago.

Scott A. Draper, director of development; B.S., 1994, Eastern Michigan University.

Trajan W. Dubiel, director of annual leadership giving; B.A., 1999, University of Vermont; M.A., 2003, Michigan State University.

Shannon K. Duvall, associate vice president for development and alumni engagement; B.A., 1992, Queens College; M.S.W., 2003, Michigan State University.

Maria D. Gill, assistant director of college events; B.A., 2009, Michigan State University.

Katherine M. Hibbs, graphic designer; B.F.A., 1991, Grand Valley State University.

Rebecca A. Kocher, director of parent giving and parent engagement; B.A., 2001, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.

David M. Lawrence, assistant director of online communications; B.A., 2003, Adrian College.

Robert T. Lee, director of news and sports information; B.S., 1992, Ohio University; M.A., 1994, Ohio State University.

Elinor M. Marsh, executive director of alumni engagement; B.A., 1992, Hanover College, M.A., 1996, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Todd A. Morris, director of development; B.A., 1995, Albion College.

Mark S. Neisler, director of development; B.A., 1994, Albion College;  M.P.A., 2012, Eastern Michigan University.

Timothy R. Newsted, assistant director of alumni engagement; B.A., 1978, Albion College; M.A., 1982, Michigan State University.

John F. Perney, director of external communications; B.A., 1994, Drake University.

Gregg A. Strand, associate director of corporate, foundation, and government relations; B.S., 2003, Humboldt State University.

John M. Thompson, associate vice president for marketing; B.A., 2002, Michigan State University.

David J. Van Wassenhove, senior director of development; B.A., 1971, University of Cincinnati.

Julia "Jake" Weber, communications assistant; B.A., 1988, San Jose State University.

Office of Student Affairs

Sally J. Walker, vice president for student affairs and dean of students; B.A., 1973, Southwestern University; M.S.Ed., 1976, Indiana University; Ed.D., 1995, Harvard University Graduate School of Education.

Debra S. Crittenden, administrative assistant for student affairs; A.A., 1981, Jackson Community College.

Barry L. Beilfuss, associate director for campus safety.

Denica V. Brooks, residence hall director; B.S., 2009, Central Michigan University; M.A., 2011, Bowling Green State University.

Erika A. Buckley, assistant director for global diversity; B.A., 2007, Grand Valley State University.

Johnnie R. Collins, senior associate director for campus safety and emergency management coordinator; B.A., 1979, Olivet College.

Jason D. Frampton,assistant director for Greek life and student organizations; B.A., 2004, Duquesne University; M.Ed., 2007, University of Pittsburgh.

Kiernan J. Gamel, counselor/certified substance abuse specialist; B.A., 2000, Southern Illinois University.

Christina M. Griffith, residence director for operations; B.A., 2010, Albion College.

Karen M. Hiatt, assistant director for Kellogg Center.

Tracey L. Howard, assistant dean of program development; B.A., 1991, Marietta College; M.Ed., 1993, Ohio University.

Franklin A. Kelemen, director for counseling services; B.A., 1974, Beloit College; M.S.W., 1978, University of Pennsylvania; Ph.D., 1985, Temple University.

Cheryl A. Krause, director for student health services; Diploma in Nursing, 1978, Henry Ford Hospital School; board certified in college health nursing, 2005; B.S.N., 2011, Robert B. Miller College.

Daniel J. McQuown, college chaplain and director for global diversity; B.A., 1992, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; M.Div., 1996, Princeton Theological Seminary.

Aaron L. Phipps, assistant director for campus safety; B.A., 2007, Ferris State University.

Jennifer A. Schreer, director for campus programs and organizations and associate director for Anna Howard Shaw Women's Center; B.A., 1994, M.A., 1997, Siena Heights College.

Pamela A. Schuler, service and leadership coordinator; B.S., 1973, Northern Michigan University.

Connie L. Smith, assistant dean of students; B.A., 1986, Baldwin-Wallace College; M.A., Ed., 1990, Michigan State University.

Kenneth E. Snyder, assistant dean of community standards and director for campus safety; B.A., 1986, Aquinas College.

Susan L. Solis, staff nurse; B.A., 1979, Albion College; A.S.N., 2002, Kellogg Community College.

Erin N. Taylor, residence hall director; B.A., 2008, Hope College; M.Ed., 2011, Grand Valley State University.

Nicholas J. Varner, residence hall director; B.S., 2009, M.A., 2011, Central Michigan University.

Michael W. Wadsworth, director for residential life; B.A., 1993, Oakland University; M.Ed., 1996, Kent State University.

Rainbow L. Weldon, interim global diversity student leadership coordinator; B.A., 2001, LaGrange College.

Barry L. Wolf, psychologist/training coordinator, Counseling Center and learning support specialist, Adademic Skills Center; B.A., 1998, University of Michigan; M.A., 2001, Psy.D., 2005, Georgia School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University.

Ryan D. Woods, assistant director for campus safety.

Staff Emeriti

Bernard T. Lomas, president emeritus; A.B., 1946, Albion College; B.D., 1948, Oberlin Graduate School of Theology; D.D., 1965, Albion College. On staff 1970-1983. Emeritus since 1983.

Melvin L. Vulgamore, president emeritus; B.A., 1957, Ohio Wesleyan University; B.D., 1960, Harvard University; Ph.D., 1963, Boston University. On staff 1983-1997. Emeritus since 1997.

Peter T. Mitchell, president emeritus; B.A., 1967, Albion College; M.A., 1968, University of Michigan; Ed.S., 1972, Indiana University; Ed.D., 1981, Northeastern University. On staff 1997-2007. Emeritus since 2007.

Frank Bonta, dean of admissions, emeritus; A.B., 1949, Albion College; M.A., 1966, Ed.S., 1970, Michigan State University; LL.D., Albion College, 1982. On staff 1951-1995. Emeritus since 1995.

Gladstone L. Brown, dean of chapel; A.B., 1939, Mount Union College; M. Div., 1945, Oberlin College Graduate School of Theology; Ph.D., 1958, Drew University Graduate School. On staff 1975-1983. Emeritus since 1983.

Kenneth E. Kolmodin, associate vice president for facilities operations, emeritus; B.S.I.E., 1970, University of Michigan. On staff 1982-2011. Emeritus since 2011.

Katharine L. Padgett, director of career planning and placement, emerita; B.S., 1950, Juniata College; M.A., 1970, Ph.D., 1978, University of Michigan. On staff 1975-1991. Emerita since 1991.