Career Opportunities

Although this department's courses are within the mainstream of the liberal arts tradition, intended to provide important theory and practice for all Albion students, concentration in communication studies is especially valuable for students preparing for professions such as public service, public relations, advertising, business, electronic media, politics, education and the law.

Special Features

Internships are viewed as valuable learning experiences, and the department encourages all interested students to avail themselves of these opportunities if appropriate to the background and preparation of the students. Juniors and seniors have the opportunity to participate in semester internships in communication through the GLCA New York Arts Program. Students also can develop communication-related internships in advertising, public relations and other professions through a number of programs including the Philadelphia Center and the Washington Center. Internships are arranged by the staff of the GLCA programs in these cities and require faculty recommendation. Diverse local internships in the greater Albion community and surrounding area are also available.

The communication studies program offers the Lomas Scholarship to outstanding students and sponsors the annual Kropscott Symposium which provides students the opportunity to attend lectures and participate in workshops with nationally known scholars and practitioners in specific communication fields such as intercultural communication, communication ethics and environmental communication.

The department offers students the option of completing a general major/minor or to specialize with an emphasis in one of three areas of the field: mass media, organizational communication or interpersonal communication.