Teaching Reflections

By writing Teaching Reflections, members of the College community become the voice of the Center of Teaching and Learning. Our biweekly installments reflect on teaching philosophy, the scholarship of teaching and learning, pedagogical techniques, and helpful resources. We strive to engage and inform. Many thanks to all Albion College teachers who have shared their thinking and practice in a Teaching Reflection!

A New Book for a New Semester

Andrea Francis, Psychological Sciences

This has been a rough semester.  

Time for a Little Motivation!

Jocelyn McWhirter, Religious Studies

Last week in class, a first-year student raised the subject of getting less-than-desirable grades. Thanks to the ACUE course, I knew it was time for a little motivation!

Planning an Effective Class Session

Jocelyn McWhirter, Religious Studies

Who knew that a class session could have a definite beginning, middle, and end? I've known for a week, and that knowledge has changed my approach to every class I've taught since then.

Embedding Career Guidance in Your Course

Laura Brade, History

The ACUE course has prompted me to help my European History 1500-2000 students connect their coursework to their career goals. I want students to make these connections for a few reasons. For one, many of them could benefit from a direct connection to campus resources. I am also teaching this class primarily to non-majors, so I want them to leave the class knowing why it was relevant to their career development. Additionally, many are interested in history but unsure of the career outcomes for history majors. I want to help them fill in the gaps.

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