What we have done? Where are we going?

Student Learning Outcome
Students Will Be Albe To… (Action!)

A Paradigm Shift

A paradigm shift in assessment occurred at Albion College in 2015, with assessment practices becoming more integrated into the college's workings. They are evidence-based assessment that builds on best practices in higher education were implemented.

Committee for Student Learning Outcomes

These learner-centered practices rely on "Student Learning Outcomes" (SLOs). The Committee on Student Learning Outcomes was established to implement and oversee the College's Assessment Plan and assessment of general education, as well as to assure compliance with the requirements of the Higher Learning Commission on assessment (Albion College Faculty Handbook October 2017).

Assessing Student Learning Outcomes

The College began assessing SLOs for the Core curriculum (Modes, Categories, and First Year Seminars). The rubrics being used are informed by the American Association of Colleges and University's Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education, better known as the VALUE Rubrics. The choice of each item of the rubrics was determined after inclusive faculty input and thoughtful review of the criteria.

Developed by Academic Departments

SLOs have been developed by academic departments and programs, as well. Departmental assessment includes curricular mapping of SLOs, and using evidence of student learning as a basis for programmatic change.

Position Created to Assist

The position of Associate Provost for Assessment and Advising was created to assist the Committee on Student Learning Outcomes and to help departments in their assessment practices of SLOs.