Academic Affairs

  • Lisa Lewis Selected to Participate in NSF-Sponsored Workshop

    October 2020

    In a competitive review of applications, Lisa Lewis (Chemistry) was selected to participate in a National Science Foundation-sponsored workshop: "The Future Substance of STEM Education." Details are found in the embedded link but in short, this workshop is bringing a liberal arts approach to science education. Participants in this virtual event will create modules, courses and/or programs that utilize a knowledge framework that addresses (1) what students need to know (foundational knowledge) but also (2) how to act on that knowledge (meta knowledge), and (3) the values we bring to our knowledge and action (humanistic knowledge). The workshop will conclude with a focus on implementation strategies and recommendations for the science larger community.

  • Nancy Demerdash-Fatemi Presents 'Documenting Africa' Project in Webinar

    November 2020

    Drs. Nancy Demerdash-Fatemi (Art & Art History) and Mary Anne Lewis Cusato (Assoc. Prof. of French & Francophone Studies, Ohio Wesleyan University) presented their paper and GLCA-funded project (2018), “Documenting Africa: Digitally Storytelling African Cultures through Space and Time,” at the Florida Digital Humanities Webinar Series on November 6. The presentation included an interactive tour of their “Documenting Africa” website and student projects that contribute new understandings of African art and literature and challenge misrepresentations of the continent.

  • Abigail Cahill Co-Authored Article in Press at Molecular Ecology

    November 2020

    Abigail Cahill (Biology): Pearman, J.K., G. Chust, E. Aylagas, E. Villarino, J.R. Watson, A. Chenuil, A. Borja, A.E. Cahill, L. Carugati, R. Danovaro, R. David, X. Irigoien, S. Moncheva, N. Rodríguez-Ezpeleta, M.C. Uyarra, and S. Carvalho. Pan-regional marine benthic cryptobiome biodiversity patterns revealed by metabarcoding Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structures. In press at Molecular Ecology.

  • Meghan Farley Webb Publishes Article on Public Health Messaging in Guatemala

    November 2020

    Meghan Farley Webb (Anthropology) recently published the article “Guatemala’s Public Health Messaging in Mayan Languages during the COVID-19 Pandemic” with her co-author Miguel Cuj. The article, which examines government and community responses to the need to translate health messaging into Mayan languages, appears in a special issue of the Journal of Indigenous Social Development.

  • Joseph Ho Published in Education About Asia

    November 2020

    Joseph Ho (History) has been invited to serve as an external faculty reviewer for Calvin University’s Asian Studies Program.

    Joseph’s article, “Facing History: Strategies for Teaching Chinese and World History with Memoirs,” co-authored with Kristin Stapleton (Professor of History, University at Buffalo, SUNY), has been published in the Fall 2020 issue of Education About Asia.

  • Deborah Kanter Gives Virtual Presentations on Her Recent Book

    November 2020

    Deborah Kanter (History) gave two virtual presentations on her book Chicago Católico: Making Catholic Parishes Mexican, hosted by U.S. Catholic magazine on October 27, at Governors State University, University Park, IL, October 28, 2020.

  • Jocelyn McWhirter Reviews Book for Enoch Seminar

    November 2020

    Jocelyn McWhirter (Religious Studies) reviewed Mark S. Kinzer's book Jerusalem Crucified, Jerusalem Risen: The Resurrected Messiah, the Jewish People, and the Land of Promise for the Enoch Seminar. Her review can be found online.

  • Ashley Miller Participates in NAVSA Panel on Academic Job Market

    November 2020

    Ashley Miller (English) was a panelist on the North American Victorian Studies Association’s virtual discussion of the academic job market, where she joined five other Victorianist faculty at institutions around the country as part of an ongoing “Year of Unconferences” held by NAVSA.

  • Craig Streu Co-First Authors Review for International Journal of Molecular Sciences

    November 2020

    Craig Streu (Chemistry) co-first authored a review for the International Journal of Molecular Sciences. Sawant, M. S., Streu, C. N., Wu, L., Tessier, P. M. Toward Drug-Like Multispecific Antibodies by Design. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2020, 21(20), 7496.

  • Nicolle Zellner Participates in NASA-Sponsored Mission Concept Study

    November 2020

    Nicolle Zellner (Physics) participated in a NASA-sponsored mission concept study focused on determining whether or not measuring compositions and ages of geological samples in situ was feasible. The concept study focused on missions that would measure samples on the Moon, Mars, and Vesta in order to address questions related to the evolution of each planetary body, as well as the bombardment history of each object specifically and the solar system in general. The citation is:

    Cohen B. A., Young K. E., Zellner N. E. B., Zacny K., Yingst R. A., Watkins R. N., et al. (2020) In Situ Geochronology for the Next Decade. Final Report submitted in response to NNH18ZDA001N-PMCS: Planetary Mission Concept Studies,

Office of the Provost

In many ways, the Office of the Provost is guardian of the College's academic mission as a learning-centered institution. Academic Affairs at Albion College includes the following: faculty personnel and faculty development, academic programs, academic standards and skills, athletics, the libraries, career services, and international and off-campus programs. The Office of the Provost also has primary responsibility for the curriculum of the College.

Academic Affairs Staff 2020 – 2021

  • Ron Mourad
    Interim Provost
    Professor of Religious Studies

  • Thomas Wilch
    Dean of Faculty Affairs
    Professor of Geological Sciences

  • Heather Betz
    Dean of Curricular Affairs
    Associate Professor in Kinesiology

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