Summer Camps

Kids in waders, by the Kalamazoo river during one of Whitehouse Nature Center's Summer Camps.WNC camps are a one-of-a-kind summer camp experience that provides participants with a fun-filled week of nature and science, while providing parents with extreme value for their dollar. Each camp centers on a different aspect of nature and uses science to help illustrate all of its wonders to participants.

  • When: Tuesday – Friday, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
  • Cost: $50 per session
  • Where: Whitehouse Nature Center at Albion College
  • Lunch: Campers bring their own lunch
  • Registration: or 517/629-0582
  • Download Flyer

Saplings (Grades 1st – 3rd)

June 18–21: Bird’s the Word

Have you heard that bird's the word? Participants will get to know the beautiful winged creatures of all the forest, prairie, and river habitats out here at the WNC. Equipped with binoculars, we'll wander deep into the forest on a search for owls, gaze at the circling dance of hawks, sing like songbirds, and build our very own nests. Come fly with us on this majestic migration.

Register no later than June 4

July 9–12: Just Around the Riverbend

Will you step in the same river twice? The Kalamazoo River is host to wonders above and below its surface. Participants will get a chance to explore the insects, fish, mammals, birds, and plants that make the river their home. What wonders are waiting for you, just around the riverbend?

Register no later than June 25

July 23–26: The Art of Nature

Mother Nature is ready for her art opening. We'll explore the beauty of nature, through personal expression. Participants will sculpt, paint, and craft their way through all the wonders of the natural world. So grab your smock, as the art world is awaiting your interpretations.

Register no later than July 9

Trail Blazers (Grades 4th–6th)

June 25–28: Invaders of Local Forest

Invasive species. Why'd it have to be invasive species? Invasive species have invaded the land, sky, and waters of the WNC and participants well need to learn how to identify them, where to find them, and how to remove them. So, grab your fedora and satchel, as we head off on this grand adventure.

Register no later than June 11

July 16–19: Fortnite Forest

It's time for Battle Royale, so pick your character and hop on the Battle Bus. We'll take a look at the WNC species characters and discover what attributes they have to help them stay alive in this epic struggle. Which of your WNC characters will be dancing at the end?

Register no later than June 25 (Registration deadline moved up due to July 4th holiday)

July 30–August 2: Environmental Investigation

Some of our scientists have gone missing. See if you have what it takes to be trained as our next crop of scientists, so you can help take over the experiments before they run wild. Participants will learn about the scientific method and will participate actual science studies happening at the WNC. Make sure to leave your lab coats at home, as we’ll be taking our science out into the wilderness.

Register no later than July 16