Bobbie Denise Cole

Communication Studies; minor in Ethnic Studies
Graduate School:
M.Ed., Grand Valley State University
Dekalb, Ill.
Director of Residence Life and Housing, William Peace University
Albion inspired Bobbie.
Through the ups and downs that I experienced at Albion, there was always a staff member there to support me and keep pushing me forward. There was always a staff member providing a door or window of opportunity for me to grow, learn and develop. These staff members made me want to be that for someone else. It kind of brings the phrase 'each one, teach one' to life.
Albion was the place that helped me find me. I became a leader at Albion. I became a mentor. I became a resource. It gave me the drive and ambition to keep pushing forward and the confidence to know I could be a success.

Take It Further: Communication Studies, Ethnic Studies