Katie Pickworth

Psychology with Neuroscience concentration; member, Institute for Healthcare Professions
Graduate/Professional School:
National College of Natural Medicine N.D., M.S.i.M.R.
Columbus, Ohio
Research assistant at The Paleo Mom

Albion inspired Katie.

Katie worked with psychology professor Andrew Christopher in his research on the relationship between conscientiousness and risk-taking. She has since taken her research interest to the next level. She's trying to find psychological and neurological triggers that can be linked to obesity. In between her junior and senior years, she explored just that alongside some of the brightest minds around at the National Institutes of Health. As an NIH Undergraduate Scholar, she returns to Maryland after graduation for a second 10-week internship, followed by two years of employment at the agency.

Meanwhile, graduation comes on the heels of her senior thesis, which examines the treatment of anorexia nervosa in the United States.

I have been interested in research since high school. The Student Research Partners Program was a large part of the reason I selected Albion. Having a paid research position is pretty remarkable. Research isn't a chore or a job. It's something I want to do.

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