Dan Moilanen

Political Science and Philosophy (Law Justice and Society concentration, Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service)
Flint, Mich.
Club Manager, Flint Local 432 / Red Ink Flint; Volunteer Services Assistant, Resource Genesee
Albion prepared Dan.
Albion helped develop the skills I needed to be adaptable in a rapidly changing environment. In the non-profit sector in Flint, there are always new challenges and struggles that require the ability to quickly adapt in order to keep going. Sometimes individuals may end up wearing multiple hats for their organizations and my ability to think critically as a result of my liberal arts education prepared me to handle new challenges. Being a versatile and well-rounded adult in my professional career is a direct result of the opportunities I had when I attended Albion College. My exceptional education from the faculty in the Political Science and Philosophy departments, membership in Tau Kappa Epsilon, and my involvement in several organizations helped make me a true modern renaissance man.
Albion is an institution that turns young people into well-rounded adults capable of creating real and lasting change in virtually any sector of the economy.

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