Josh Hicks

Graduate/Professional School:
M.A., Stanford University
Washington, D.C.
Reporter, The Washington Post
Albion prepared Josh.
It’s all about the liberal arts education. It taught me to think and learn, which is critical in journalism. Familiarity with Albion professors also helped—it’s one of the bonuses of small class sizes. I reached out to Ian MacInnes for a grad-school recommendation nine years after taking his course on Milton in the English Department. Luckily, he still remembered me, and his letter helped me earn a spot in Stanford’s graduate journalism program, where I polished my skills and met the connections that brought me to the Post.
Albion is a place where I explored, found my passion and began working toward my dreams. The faculty members taught me to think critically, helped me develop new skills and came through when I needed them. Overall, the school delivered on its promise of individual attention and a well-rounded education. It was a great place for personal development and relationship building.

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