Rudy Aronoff

Art History; minors in Sociology and Printmaking
Chicago, Ill.
Operations Administrator at appraiser/art consultant Roberta Kramer & Associates
Albion prepared Rudy.
Working with the fabulous professors at Albion taught me that flexibility, problem solving and thinking a situation through to every eventual outcome has gotten me where I am today.
Albion was the jumping-off point for a great start to a successful career. The ability to work as a research assistant was one of the most beneficial experiences I had as an undergrad. Not to mention the ability to marry multiple disciplines in the Art Department. Having a formal art historical education as well as the ability to tangibly create art at the same time was key to why I went to Albion and have been successful afterward.
Never discount fine art majors. We have more skills and ingenuity than you can imagine!

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