Jennifer Trost

Music Education (Minor in Biology)
Graduate/Professional School:
M.Mus., Michigan State University
State College, Pa.
Associate Professor of Music, Penn State University
Albion challenged Jennifer.
Albion allowed me to explore all of my interests, to explore my potential and to develop into the person I am today. I started in biology and ended up in music. Through the mentoring and instruction of caring and talented faculty, I was able to grow and put aside my inhibitions and embark on a journey, which took me beyond my wildest dreams.
Albion was a life-altering experience. I stood at the fork in the road during a significant chapter in my life and I chose the road less taken, and to quote Robert Frost: “and that has made all the difference.
I am grateful for the knowledge, experience and mentoring I received at Albion. It was a safe and nurturing environment for me. I discovered my passion for music and was inspired to stretch myself and see how far I could go. Who knew it would take me to foreign lands and introduce me to people and cultures I never dreamed of being exposed to!

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