Marty Nesbitt

Economics and Management; Gerstacker Institute
Graduate/Professional School:
M.B.A., University of Chicago
Chicago, Ill.
Co-Owner, The Vistria Group; treasurer for Barack Obama's 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns

Albion prepared Marty.

Marty maintained a competitive streak at Albion, both in the classroom and on the court, where he served as co-captain of the basketball team. He became a member of what is now the Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management and landed an internship at Deloitte, a leading public accounting firm. Through these experiences, Marty discovered his ability to lead and inspire others.

Early in his career, Marty became a close friend and confidant of a young Barack Obama, and went on to serve as advisor and treasurer for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. He holds an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago—which he attended on a full-tuition scholarship—and after more than a decade leading The Parking Spot, a $400-million airport parking company he founded, he has launched The Vistria Group, a private equity firm focused on the education, healthcare and financial-services industries.

Albion teaches you how to rigorously think through issues and solve problems.

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