Sunny Kim, '20

Sunny Kim

Majors: Music and Economics & Management General Business


Albionian photographer, Asian Awareness Group, dance team, French Department tutor, Gerstacker Institute, Honors Program, Kappa Alpha Theta, Music Department assistant, overnight host, Zumba instructor, Student Senate, Symphony Orchestra, tour guide, Umbrella Council

Albion will challenge you.
Albion has presented its own set of challenges in terms of a different environment. College, in itself, provides a different environment for all of its students. I had to become adaptable with people who share different beliefs and opinions. I had to create a situation in which I could succeed and Albion College has created the necessary challenges in order for me to grow as a person and as a student leader. Although I had some obstacles, I was able to learn and then challenge myself to become an even better citizen.
Albion will inspire you.
Through experiences like the Grand Getaway and other Albion events, I felt inspired by other Albion alumni who have achieved great accomplishments. Since I have such a great love for this school, this makes me determined to do even better in my academic career so I can be well-prepared for the real world and achieve great success just like my predecessors and give back to the school. Albion College has always inspired me to constantly improve my character in terms of being a student, friend, mentor, and leader.
Albion will prepare you.
The most unique thing about Albion, in my opinion, is that Albion College provides necessary opportunities for students to succeed beyond their expectations. Personally, for myself, Albion has given me ways in which I could network and obtain professional skills to be well-prepared for any given task. Through the obstacles and challenges that I stated beforehand, the lessons that I've learned has, in turn, prepared me for the real-world or any difficult hurdle.
Albion is challenging Sunny.