Jontaj Wallace, '20

Jontaj Wallace

Major: Music Education


British Eighth Marching Band, Men’s Track and Field/XC, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, Delta Tau Delta, United Voices of Albion College, Black Student Alliance

Albion will challenge you.
The music department challenges students everyday. I have been pushed in my private lessons teacher, as well as the faculty to play my instrument (percussion) more musically. I am pushed to understand the theory behind a piece and the history of the conductor as well as the time period of music to fully understand a piece that I am playing. I am also being pushed to look for ensembles to play with in the area. I have been pretty successful with these tasks.
Albion will inspire you.
I have been inspired to make sure that I am thinking about the child as a whole before educating them. I also have been inspired to learn a piece of music with all of the information that it comes with; not just notes. My professors have taken the time to make sure that I am receiving the best instruction and to be fully prepared to go out and educate the future of this world.
Albion will prepare you.
Albion provides a host of real world opportunities. As a student, I have been given the opportunity to go into several public schools and to observe and help instruct students. I have been pushed by the Education Department to not only observe the classroom, but get involved in my own education. I have had the opportunity to travel to music educator and general educators professional development conferences.
Albion is inspiring Jontaj.