Letter from the Chair

One of the hallmarks of an excellent liberal arts education is the ability to quickly adapt and thrive. Throughout the past two centuries, Albion College has molded students to succeed despite a dizzying acceleration of change. How is this possible? There are many reasons, but a key factor has been the diligence that generations of college leaders and trustees have shown in planning confidently for the future, never forgetting our core values and personal approach to higher education.

This strategic plan boldly proclaims our place as an exemplary liberal arts college. Growth, change, adaptation, acceptance of new ideas and new discoveries all bring a richness and depth to our students on campus and to our alumni over a lifetime. Albion College is not a time capsule. Rather, It's a remarkably adaptable institution and place that imparts an excellent education that will give its graduates the skills to make a successful life.

We believe that the whole community is enriched by student and resident collaboration. The college seeks to be an active member of the community and do our part to help it grow stronger, always with the college as part of the greater community, serving its needs and acting as a solid citizen. Albion College and the City of Albion are being nationally recognized for a 21st century partnership, This plan aligns the entire architecture of the College and takes us relentlessly forward to deliver an outstanding education and build an outstanding community.

Albion College is a unique force in our community, state, region, country and world. A liberal arts education requires an artful blend of adaptability and tradition, but this is something we have long experience in doing very well. The new strategic plan honors that spirit, reflects where our world is headed, and moves us forward boldly and without apology.

On behalf of the Albion College Board of Trustees, we celebrate another milestone in our history with the adoption of this strategic plan. With its implementation, we will confidently continue the journey we began in 1835.

J. Donald Sheets II, '82J. Donald Sheets II, '82
Chairman, Board of Trustees