Nicole Howey, '13

Nicole Howey

Major: Biology, with an art minor

Current Location: Ames, Iowa

Job Title: Third year veterinary student at Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine

In a nutshell, what do you do, and did Albion prepare you for the job?

I'm half way through my third year at Iowa State CVM and I'm about to enter my fourth and final year here at the university. That is a full year of clinical rotations and externships. I will be pursuing an equine internship for a year at the time of graduation.

As for Albion, I was apart of the intercollegiate dressage team for two years along with boarding my thoroughbred mare at the college. I took dressage and jumping lessons at Albion while also traveling and competing with my teammates in dressage. I think that really helped me pursue my love for equine medicine, and sport horse medicine in general, while also allowing me to have some fun and meet some awesome and life long friends!

I had a wonderful advisor, Prof. Vanessa McCaffrey. Even though she taught organic chemistry and knew nothing about applying to veterinary school, we worked together to make sure I had all my prerequisite classes in order to start my application process.

What did it mean for you to be involved in equestrian activities at Albion?

I was apart of the IDA team at Albion for two years.  I took jumping lessons with George and Dressage with Danielle. I really enjoyed having such a diverse education while at Albion. I was able to study things I love like music, art, and horses while also cramming in all my much-needed classes to apply to vet school. It's definitely something you can't do while at a large university.

A lot of my friends in vet school are always surprised when they find out I minored in art and was on a music scholarship. But at Albion, that's kind of the norm!

Are you still active in equestrian life? 

Vet school does not allow much outside of studying. Apart from riding, I am all about equine medicine. I am currently tracking the equine track for my year of rotations and plan on pursuing equine sport horse medicine and orthopedic surgery after graduation. I'm also a member of American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP).  Hopefully after graduation, and possibly after my internship, I'll have some time to invest into a horse and start riding again.

How did your Albion experience help you in your career?

Meeting life-long friends and allowing me to do what I love: ride.