Christine Grahl, ’11

Christine Grahl, ’11

Major: Economics and Management, German

Current Location: Califon, New Jersey

Job Title: Equine Import Export Coordinator

In a nutshell, what do you do, and did Albion prepare you for the job?

I coordinate the import of horses into the United States from Europe, specifically Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and eastern European countries. I also assist in the export of horses from the United States to the Middle East and Europe. Albion played a big roll in preparing me for this job. Albion helped to facilitate my position at through the study abroad program in Dresden, Germany where I was able to intern at the Sachsen Thueringen Horse Association. Through my internship at the association I was introduced to the manager at and was later offered a job. Albion also helped me attain the skills and confidence to succeed.

What did it mean for you to be involved in equestrian activities at Albion?

My involvement at the equestrian center meant a great deal to me. My time at the Held Center was always a highlight to my day. I made many friends, was able to improve my riding skills, and it was a good break from class. I was part of the Albion hunt seat team and also took dressage lessons with Danielle Menteer. Both the equestrian team and the riding lessons helped me become a more confident rider and person overall.

What's your favorite equestrian memory?

My very first hunt seat team show was hosted by Western Michigan University, I won the first class I competed in. I remember reflecting back on my life at that moment and thinking that my dad would have been very proud of me. And as I was looking up into the sky, I knew he was smiling down at me from heaven.

Are you still active in equestrian life? 

I am the luckiest person in the world! I get to work with horses almost everyday.  One of my jobs at Horseflight is to greet the horses arriving to the U.S from Europe at John F. Kennedy airport; I also care for and exercise horses before they are flown to their various destinations. After work and on the weekends, I have the pleasure of riding and showing my horse. Horses are my passion. I couldn’t imagine life without them!

How did your Albion experience help you in your career?

I am glad to be an Albion graduate because it helped me become who I am today. The support and knowledge of my mentors, professors, riding instructors, and friends have helped me become a confident and forward-thinking individual. I can’t thank Albion enough for its dedication to me.