Brittney Stanton, '14

Brittany Stanton, '14

Major: Biology, with a chemistry minor

Current Location: Urbana, Illinois

Job Title: Veterinary Student at University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine

In a nutshell, what do you do, and did Albion prepare you for the job?

I am a first year veterinarian student at University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine.  My undergraduate studies at Albion prepared me for veterinary school by fulfilling all of my pre-requisite course requirements and also offered research opportunities, leadership roles and extracurricular involvement.

What did it mean for you to be involved in equestrian activities at Albion?

I was on the Albion equestrian team for the four years I was at Albion. Being on the team offered me an opportunity to continue riding and competing which I have always loved to do. Albion has a beautiful equestrian facility where students can board their horse as well. That meant a lot to me to have that option. I was able to bring my horse, Troy.

Being involved with the Albion equestrian team allowed me to immediately meet a group of students who had similar interests as me, and I have become lifelong friends with a number of them. Riding on the team enabled me to improve my time management skills. I needed to be able to do well with my academics and also fit in my riding lessons for the team and make time for the meets on the weekends.

I also got involved with the equestrian club which was a lot of fun because we organized and participated in a lot of community programs such as parades, Pumpkin Chunkin’, and fundraisers.

What's your favorite equestrian memory?

Being on the equestrian team was always fun! My favorite memory is that as a senior I won Zones in the Open Jumping Division which qualified me to show at IHSA Nationals in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I am the first hunt seat rider in the history of the College to qualify and compete at IHSA Nationals. This has always been a goal I have wanted to achieve and a memory I will never forget.

Are you still active in equestrian life? 

I am still active with horses.  I found a new barn to ride at while in veterinary school. I am only able to ride once or twice a week now because of my rigorous studies.  It is very important to me because it is a stress relief for me to be able to go ride. It is a nice break from my studying.  IHSA also has an alumni division that I am participating in as my studies allow.

How did your Albion experience help you in your career?

My equestrian and Albion experiences helped me achieve my goal of getting into veterinary school. Albion offered me the academic classes and the research opportunities I needed to apply to veterinarian school.

The equestrian program provided me with the extracurricular activity which proved I could excel athletically as well as academically, and it proved that I had good time management abilities. I also engaged in leadership roles and community service while in the equestrian program at Albion which was beneficial on my resume for veterinary school.