LinkedIn Editorial Guide

Albion College has several communications channels on LinkedIn: our Company page, our Group, and our University page. How do these sections of LinkedIn differ?

Company Page

Albion’s company page serves as an employer/employee-specific channel, reaching those who work for -- or who someday want to work at -- the College. Weekly (if necessary) posts offer job-specific updates, like awards, promotions, conferences, and employment opportunities at the College.

Official Group

Albion’s official group serves as a networking platform for students and alumni. The group is an exclusive one, meaning only those with Albion degrees or who work at the College can join. This serves several purposes:

  1. Cuts down on spam posts from outsiders
  2. Makes the group a unique benefit of being a part of the College
  3. Offers alumni-specific jobs and internship opportunities

Typically, students ask for job or internship opportunities, and alumni offer those opportunities through the group discussion tab. Albion’s Career Development office also posts job and internship opportunities.

As a part of the official Albion College group, the College’s Career Development office runs the mentoring subgroup by invitation only. This helps those interested in providing mentorships to connect with current Albion students.

Education Page

Albion College’s university page is a recent development, and Albion was one of the first colleges in the nation to beta test this feature. The education page offers more of the personality of the College -- more like a Facebook page, say, than the LinkedIn company page. But with LinkedIn, we take on more of a professional voice and focus.

Weekly posts feature research projects, academic program successes, and  job/internship-related student stories. We give those with alumni connections special attention.

Key Takeaways for Albion's LinkedIn Presence

  1. LinkedIn posts focus on internship- and career-related updates
  2. The College uses the official group to connect students and alumni for experience and job opportunities
  3. Content is focused on student and institution research and success stories, especially those that have an alumni connection

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