Flickr Editorial Guide

Flickr is a social photo sharing site, allowing Albion College to post pictures in galleries grouped by events, activities, themes, athletic teams, and academics.

The Office of Marketing and Communications links to Flickr galleries on the website for appropriate events and happenings, such as Homecoming and Commencement galleries.


Collections are groups of Albums, and are comprised of larger theme-based categories: Academics, Athletics, Alumni, Student Life, etc.


Albums are groups of individual photos that represent a theme, event, class, athletic contest, or initiative. Photo galleries could include “Commencement 20XX,” “Albion Britons vs. Hope - Football 20XX,” or “Campus Tour.”

Galleries should be separated by year, when possible, for website link purposes (“See last year’s Grand Getaway photos”).

Sharing Photos

Because Flickr serves as the main College photo gallery, we encourage the sharing and downloading of photos.

Each photo contains a download link in the “Actions” menu (called “View All Sizes”). This is how viewers can see the full-res version of each photo, and download it to their computer.

Processing and Uploading Photos

Marketing and Communications archives photos after they are taken. Often, for immediate sharing, we will publish them to other social platforms like Facebook.

Once this is done, we upload photo sets to Flickr and share the link to the gallery through Britonline, Twitter, and other social networks.

Tags and Descriptions

Flickr helps organize photos through tags. We use tags like “alumni,” building names, the event name, the season, the year, and over-arching themes like “student life,” “academics,” etc.

It helps to have captions with each photo for context purposes. Tools like Adobe Bridge and Lightroom let us write descriptions into photo metadata so that we only have to write them once.

Key Takeaways for Albion's Flickr Presence

  1. Flickr helps organize photo albums based on events, themes, and activities
  2. The College uses Flickr to share photos with constituents, on the website, and through social media
  3. Flickr keeps a record of uploaded photos through tags and captions

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