Benefit Summary - Salaried Full-Time

Health Insurance:

You may choose between the 0002 Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Community Blue PPO plan or the 0003 BCBS Community Blue PPO plan. 

  • The 0002 plan has a $500/single, $1000/family, annual deductible with a 80%-20% co-insurance split of the approved amount for in-network providers. 
  • The 0003 plan has a $1500/single, $3000/family annual deductible with an 80%-20% co-insurance split of the approved amount for in-network providers. 

The College pays the full single subscriber premium for the 0002 plan. The College will contribute up to 50% of the dependent premium and the employee is responsible for the remainder of the premium to insure any dependents.


The above medical plan includes prescription drug coverage. The 0002 plan has $10/$20/$40 co-pays per generic/formulary brand name/non-formulary brand name prescription. The 0003 plan has $10/$40 co-pays per generic/brand name prescription. A mail order program is also available.

Dental Insurance:

The dental plan is also with BCBS and has a $100 deductible and 90%-10% co-insurance on basic services and 50%-50% on other services. $1000 maximum benefit per year for each participant. The College pays the full single subscriber premium.

Vision Insurance:

This is a voluntary, 100% employee paid vision care program. This plan covers one complete eye exam in any 12 consecutive month period with a $10 copay (VSP network doctor) and prescription glasses (lenses and/or frames) at a combined $25 copay. Participants are eligible for new lenses once every 12 months and frames once every 24 months. Medically necessary contact lenses $25 copay.


The Short Term Disability (STD) plan is self-insured. You are covered in a step plan, depending upon your length of service with the College. STD is payable for up to six months. Long Term Disability (LTD) picks up after STD ends, if you are still disabled. With terms and conditions met, LTD pays 60% of your salary. One year waiting period to participate.

Life Insurance/AD&D:

Two times your annual salary, at no cost to you unless the volume exceeds $50,000, then the IRS will tax you on the excess premiums. You may cap your benefit at $50,000, if applicable. Accidental Death & Dismemberment doubles the life insurance benefit (resulting in a total of two times the life inurance amount) to your beneficiary if you die by accident.

In addition to providing life insurance the College will continue salary payments to the spouse of a deceased faculty member or administrative employee for a period of three months following the month of death and pay the premium for medical insurance coverage for covered dependents of a deceased faculty member or administrative employee for a limited period of time.


The College offers a 403(b) Retirement Annuity (RA) plan administered by Teacher’s Insurance and Annuity Association (TIAA). There is a two year wait for participation unless you qualify for a wait period waiver. When enrolled in the plan, you will contribute 6% of your salary (mandatory) with the College contributing 6.3% on the first $15,700 of your annual salary and 12% thereafter. Roth (after-tax) option available for voluntary contributions. The College also offers a Supplemental Retirement Annuity (SRA) plan also administered by TIAA.

Flexible Benefits (Section 125 Reimbursement Program):

You may elect pre-tax salary reduction for non-insured medical expenses and/or dependent care expenses.

Tuition Remission and Exchange:

This superb benefit is available, under certain guidelines, for employees and qualified dependents. See details in the Employee Services Manual.

Employee Assistance Program:

The College contracts with Behavioral Health Resources (BHR) for confidential assistance with everyday issues: marital, family, grief counseling, physical health, emotional health, elder care, substance abuse, financial counseling, job stress.

Supplemental Income Insurance - Aflac:

There are two products offered – an Accident/Injury and a Critical Illness plan. The AFLAC products do not replace any existing benefit. It is an additional voluntary benefit offered at a group rate which is paid 100% by the employee.

Harrington Neighborhood Grant

The Harrington Neighborhood Grant is a unique opportunity for Albion College faculty and staff to find their home and make an immediate impact on the community. Faculty and staff have the opportunity to help revitalize the neighborhood connecting campus and downtown Albion. Participants will not find a better home-ownership opportunity through any other channel through purchase/renovation, new build, or finished purchase options.

Holidays and Vacations:

The College recognizes most major holidays and provides paid vacation to all full-time salaried staff.


  • Free parking
  • Discounted meal prices at cafeteria
  • Bookstore discount
  • Access to campus events (e.g. speakers, concerts, performances, athletic events)
  • Library access
  • Free gym access including full size pool, jacuzzi, weight room, racquetball courts, basketball courts, cardio equipment, indoor and outdoor track, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, and an employee-only exercise facility
  • Nature center with hiking/walking trails
  • On-site flu shots
  • Free professional headshots

For more information, please contact Human Resources at (517) 629-0205 or .