The College offers a single dental plan for all full-time faculty and administrative employees as well as all Union employees.


  • The individual member deductible is $100
  • The family deductible is $200
  • There is no deductible for Class I or Class IV services. When you receive covered Class II or III services, you must pay a deductible before payment will be made for these benefits.


Class of  Service: Coverage Pays: Your Copay
Class I - Preventative Services 90% 10%
Class II - Restorative Services 90% 10%
Class III - Denture & Bridges 50% 50%
Class IV - Orthodontics Services 50% 50%

Dollar Maximums:

  • $1000 annually for Class I, II and III services combined
  • $1000 lifetime for Class IV (orthodontic) services

Every effort is made to provide accurate information. However, this is not a guarantee of payment. Treatment will be rendered based on BCBS's payment liability, we recommend you request a predetermination for your treatment plan prior to having any services rendered.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBS PPO participants)

Customer Service Information:

Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Please send all correspondence to:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Costumer Service Center

P.O. Box 2888
Detroit, MI 48231

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