Summer Tuition and Fees

The Summer program runs for seven weeks, from May 10 to August 20, 2021. Current Albion Students as well as guest students from other colleges are offered opportunities to accelerate an academic program or relax a tight schedule.

Please see the Registrar's page to view admission criteria and courses offered.

Maymester Fees

Tuition is included in the spring semester bill.

Housing is included on the spring bill at the summer rate noted below.

Summer 2021 Costs

Registration Fee (for guest students) $30.00
Tuition (per unit) $3,120.00 ($780.00 per quarter unit)
($1,560.00 per half unit)
(plus any course fee set by instructor)
Tuition online course (per unit) $1760, $440, $880
Housing - Double (Non-Air Conditioned)(7 weeks) $980.00 ($140.00 per week)
Housing - Single (Non-Air Conditioned) (7 weeks) $1,470.00 ($210.00 per week)
Housing - Double (7 Weeks)(Air Conditioned) $1,190.00 ($170.00 per week)
Housing - Single (7 weeks)(Air Conditioned) $1,680.00 ($240.00 per week)
Late Enrollment Fee $25.00
Each additional Day $15.00

Additional charges are made for materials in certain courses.

Costs for books are separate from the above.

Payment of Summer 2021 Fees

Payment of all fees is due on or before May 10, 2021. Payment may be made at the Accounting Office, in person, by mail or Online.


Refunds and Withdrawal from Summer College

There will be no refunds of the $30.00 registration fee after May 10, 2021 for students who cancel their registration.

Students will be considered officially enrolled in summer college if they are registered for any amount of units on the official start date of the summer term which is May 10, 2021. Late registrations (on or after May 10, 2021) will be considered enrolled upon registration.

If a student desires to withdraw from summer college, a written request for withdrawal must be made to the Vice President and Dean for Student Affairs.

Tuition Refunds are made on the following basis:

  • Withdrawal within the first five class days - 75% refund
  • Withdrawal during the second week of classes - 40% refund
  • Withdrawal after the second week of classes - No refund

There will be no refund on the housing fees.

Financial Aid Refunds are made on the following basis for financial aid recipients:

Albion College scholarships and grants will be reduced in the same proportion and dates as the tuition refunds noted above.

A federal refund calculation will be used for federal financial aid recipients withdrawing before the 60% period of the semester.

Financial Aid

Financial aid to students for the Summer College will be limited to campus employment and loans. Those who wish to submit and application should contact: Financial Aid Office, Albion College, 611 East Porter Street, Albion, MI 49224 or see the Financial Aid web page to contact them.