Albion College's e-Bill system allows students and authorized users to make payments using e-Check. e-Check allows users to pay online without using a bank or credit card. Instead, users use their checking account to make payments online—eliminating the need for stamps and envelopes. e-Bill also allows students and authorized users to save their payment profile, eliminating the need to enter account information at the time of each payment.

How to Enroll

  1. Go to the ACIS home page to access your account.
  2. Log in using your ACIS ID and PIN.
  3. Click on Student Information.
  4. Click on On Line Account Access.
  5. Click on Online Bill & Payment. This will take you away from ACIS to the e-Bill system hosted by TouchNet. This is a secure site.
  6. Click on the e-Bills tab under Quick View.
  7. Click on Student Account or Make a Payment. From there you will be directed to your most recent e-Bill account summary page.
  8. Click on My Profiles from the menu on the top of the Personal Profile page.
  9. Click on Payment Profiles under the My Profile tab.
  10. On the Payment Profile page, use the drop-down menu under Add A Payment Method to select "Electronic Check (checking)" and click the GO button.
  11. Complete the Bank Account Information.
  12. Once you have completed the form and reviewed the accuracy of the account information provided, click on the Save button at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: It may take up to five business days for your designated account to be verified and available for e-Check payment.