The Women’s Center seeks to support and promote the collaborative efforts of women, facilitating programs that serve to build a collaborative community in which women’s voices are heard and honored.The Center works to develop and disseminate resource materials that help educate the community about ideas and issues that impact and involve women.Acknowledging that a key component of feminism is sisterhood, the Center seeks to co-create an environment at Albion in which women can flourish and achieve to their potential.

Collaborative Programming

The Women's Center works collaboratively with students, faculty, and staff to respond to the needs of persons in the Albion community with addressing issues central to gender equity.

Sexual Assault/Sexual Harassment

The Anna Howard Shaw Women’s Center designs and delivers programming about sexual assault and sexual harassment prevention and intervention.In addressing issues of violence against women, the Women’s Center interacts with a broad network of groups such as Peer Educators, student groups, Residential Life, Campus Safety, Counseling Services, Intercultural Affairs, faculty committees, Women’s & Gender Studies, and the Albion College administration.The Women’s Center is a resource for students, faculty, and staff who need information, support or referrals pertaining to sexual assault/sexual harassment survival and recovery.

Anna Howard Shaw Women’s History Month

For Women’s History Month in March each year, the Women’s Center, in collaboration with the Women’s & Gender Studies Committee, students, faculty, and staff provides programming to honor Dr. Shaw’s life and work, by highlighting women’s lives, interests, and passions.Programs are open to all members of the greater Albion Community.

Life Choices/Career Decisions

The Center is involved in programming that assists women in making academic plans, life choices, and career decisions.