Programs and Services

Students celebrate Diwali in the KC Stack.

The Office of Intercultural Affairs provides a variety of programs for the campus and the greater Albion community. We believe that cultural-educational programs encourage cultural synthesis. That is, students are positioned to learn about themselves in relation to others who may be different. Exposure to different people with different ideas is the bedrock of a relevant and empowering liberal arts education. These kinds of outside the classroom experiences provides common ground for principled inquiry, growth, and learning.

Programming and Cultural Events

  • Cultural and Diversity Celebrations
  • Intercultural Affairs Orientation
  • Intercultrual Affairs Cookout
  • Smooth Transitions Mentoring Program
  • Special Activities

Cultural and Diversity Celebrations

The Office of Intercultural Affairs is committed to providing cultural-educational programming to our campus and the community at large. We seek to increase cultural awareness, cultivate diversity, promote social justice, and create substantive intergroup partnerships. To that end we celebrate and support:

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (April)
Black History Month (February)
Coming Out Week (October)
Latino/a Heritage Month (September-October)                                                                                                             Native American Heritage Month (November)



Intercultural Affairs Orientation

The Office of Intercultural Affairs offers an orientation program to welcome you to Albion College. New students and transfer students, along with their families, are invited to participate in dialogue panels, information sessions, and to meet staff and upperclass students.

You will have the opportunity to also network with various campus and community resources that will be accessible to you while studying here at Albion College.

Intercultural Affairs Cookout

Office of Intercultural Affairs CookoutThe Intercultural Affairs Opening Cookout is an Annual event that allows new and current students, faculty, and staff to meet each other. This diverse atmosphere gives each year a high note to begin with. Everyone is welcome to attend.  

It is just ICA's way to say Welcome! Join the campus and the Office of Intercultural Affairs by kicking off the Fall Semester with delicious free food and wonderful company! Socialize, eat and greet with faculty, staff, students and community members. Where: Umbrella House Backyard (behind 1107 E. Cass St.; Rain Location is the Kellog Center Stack)

Smooth Transitions Mentor Program

Smooth Transitions coordinates effective academic and social support during the fall semester to foster student growth and adjustment to Albion College and the surrounding community.

Smooth Transitions matches first-year students from an under-represented ethnic or racial background with upperclass students. The program provides guidance and direction to our first-year students in order to assist them in making a successful transition to Albion, both academically and socially.

A student mentor will regularly meet with their assigned student mentee, helping him or her find resources to support student academic and social needs, encouraging their peer student’s involvement in student organizations, and inviting their peer student to various social outings.

Special Activities Hosted by the Office of Intercultural Affairs

The Office of Intercultural Affairs assists students and the Albion campus to engage in advocacy, dialogue, and learning experiences by offering a range of special events throughout the year. Those events include:

  • Study Breaks – An Intercultural Affairs tradition to host a late-night pancake study break before final exams

  • Conference Opportunities – Support students to travel, attend, and/or present at regional and national conferences, such as the Great Lakes College Association’s Student of Color Leadership Conference

  • Dialogues – Allows students to voice and constructively discuss today’s hot topics, ranging from LGBTQ to women’s issues, and from cultural identity to social injustice