Course Webs

Course Web Request

All course webs created for each semester will be blank shells unless the professor requests a course web restore. These requests can be submitted using the online course web request. In addition to basic identification information, please be ready to list the Course Number, Title, and the last time the course web was updated. This information is important to finding the correct archive.   


Course Web Dates

The Albion College course webs are created, restored, backed up and archived on a specific schedule. View this schedule on our Course Web Dates page.   


Requesting Course Web Assistance

To request course web assistance, fill out the online Course Web Error Form. When filling out this form, it is essential to list the exact problem with as much detail as possible. Email or call Helpdesk at x0479 if more assistance is needed.   


Course Web Training

At the start of each academic year, the office of Instructional Technology & Media Services will offer Moodle trainings. These trainings will vary depending on the year, but will likely include sessions on Moodle basics, intermediate level skills, advanced skills and the gradebook. One-on-one training opportunities are also available for those who request it. To request a one-on-one session please email . Please be as specific as possible about your current skill level so the trainers can properly prepare for the session.