3D Printing

Albion College Instructional Technology & Media Center offers affordable 3D printing services for students, faculty and staff. These printers can be used for classroom projects, tools, integrations, research, or just for fun.  

Location and Hours:

Our 3D printers are found in the Albion Technology and Innovation Center (ATIC) located between the Olin and Facilities Buildings on the Quad. The lab is open from 8am-5pm for students, faculty and staff members. Those planning to conduct evening or weekend prints will need to work with ATIC staff. 


Those who would like to learn 3D printing are required to attend a one-on-one training, pass the 3D print test with an 80% or better, and conduct one supervised print. Once these steps are completed, users can sign out a printer for use.

3D Print Moodle Course Web and Quiz

pdf3D Printer User Agreement 

Printers and Materials:

Filament type and color options for each machine varies depending on current projects and needs. Black, White, Purple and Yellow will always be available. 

Available printers include: one Ultimaker 3, three Ultimaker 3 Extendeds, three Creality 10S Pros, and one Form 2 Resin printer. 


$0.10 cents per gram. 






To start your training, please refer to the Requirements section above. For questions, or if looking to request a 3D print conducted by Instructional Technology please email .