Diversity Awareness Clubs and Organizations

Celebrate multiplicity. For a better world.

Asian Awareness Group

Our purpose is to celebrate and educate on Asian and Asian American culture. Join us for dinners in celebration of Diwali—the Indian Festival of Lights—and the Chinese Lunar New Year. Or for other cultural activities, like yoga, martial arts, and Asian films. Visit our website

Black Student Alliance (BSA)

Provide support. Eliminate racism, discrimination, and prejudice. That’s what we do. We’re here for the African American community of Albion College. Not only do we create educational programming to raise awareness and sensitivity, but we also sponsor Kwanzaa and the Taste of Blackness annually. You can find us in the James Welton House.


Diversability is student organization made up of students with disabilities and allies. This group works to raise awareness of disabilities of all types and increase education about disabilities both on a campus and a national level. They also do important work to make sure that Albion College's campus is more accessible to folks at all levels of ability. 

International Student Union

The International Student Union intendes to "bring the world together in Albion" through programs and meetings designed to show the international flavor of Albion's campus.   The group brings together Albion's international students and encourages an appreciation of international relations among Albion's American students.  


Enjoy the international flavor of Albion’s campus at dinners, dances, movies, even meetings. We work to bring together Albion's international students and encourage an appreciation of international relations among all Albion students.


LGBriTs work on campus to raise awareness and recognition of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues. Yes, we’re political: we sponsor films, speakers, hall programs, panels, and other campaigns. But we’re also social, with outings to concerts, bookstores, speakers, and restaurants.

Organization for Latino/a Awareness (OLA)

Explore, experience, and absorb culture through language, traditions, values, and music. Our educational, cultural, and social programs are focused on building understanding of both local and global Latin American communities. We’re here to preserve Latino/a history and culture, and to share the significance of this heritage along with current issues.


We're here to rally around women and women's issues on campus, both as a support network and a resource. Our main event is The Vagina Monologues, and it’s performed every other February. Other events include, but are not limited to: V-Week, a week of events leading up to The Vagina Monologues; women's shelter visits; self-defense seminars; women's outings; open panel discussions; female speakers; and women's sports attendance.

Secular Humanist Group

If you're nonreligious, we can help you develop ideas and skills for living in a religious society. We're an open forum and a support group for nonreligious students. Make life meaningful by helping others and building long-lasting friendships.


Umbrella is the governing body for all multicultural student organizations. Our purpose is to create a "safe space" where each underrepresented student population is supported. We also provide an environment where students can voice concerns, struggles, and accomplishments, and we educate the Albion community about the diversity of cultures and customs.