Academic Clubs and Organizations

For good times with a smart purpose.

Accounting Society

Prepare for a career in accounting, and then network with reps from firms all over Michigan at our annual Spring Banquet. We meet regularly for discussions relevant to our field, so you’ll be ready to make intelligent, meaningful contributions. Learn more

Astronomy Club

Sure, we look at the skies a lot, but it’s not all star parties and dome events (that’s where we use the telescope in the Observatory). You can also join us for movie nights, guest speakers, and trips to planetariums and other observatories. You don’t have to know anything about stars to sign up.  

Biochemistry Club

The Biochemistry Club is for those interested in Biochemistry and the Sciences. We also love having individuals who love to teach! Our purpose is to educate our members on biological processes that are utilized in the real world through group activities and organized trips. Additionally, we aim to educate our community's youth by providing science demos to kids, furthering their interest and learning through science. Overall, we love science and spreading the word about it and we hope you do too! 


Connections, Opportunities, and Relationships in Education.


Delta Sigma Pi

Be a part of a professional fraternity known nationwide for how it enhances the college experience. You’ll benefit from scholarship, socializing, and links to the commercial world. We also emphasize research and practice, because we’re always working toward a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture, and the civic and commercial welfare of the community.



 Helping develop leaders who are interested in pursuing careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management.


Engineering Club


Geology Club

We bring together students who are interested in geology for field trips (we like to learn in the field) and social events (we also like to socialize). You’ll also have a chance to give back to our community and spread the word about geology by visiting local elementary schools for educational outreach.

Investment Club

Learning about stock selection methods can be fun and profitable. In 2012, we managed around $20,000. All of our profits are "rolled over" to establish a scholarship fund for economics and management majors. Besides meetings, we take an annual trip to Chicago to visit investment firms and exchanges. All majors are welcome.

Model United Nations

We’re open to all students, and we like to travel. (Recently, it’s been to Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Philadelphia, and Athens.) There is no better way to learn about issues in international affairs than through UN simulations with other colleges and universities. That’s what we’re all about.