Event Calendar

The Albion College Event Calendar can be found with other departmental/program calendars on the Albion College website. This is a valuable resource that allows faculty, staff, students, and external audiences to see events and other happenings on campus. Each listing contains the date, time, location and additional support information for each event/activity. The Campus Event Calendar is managed by the Assistant Director of the Kellogg Center. 

The Campus Event Calendar is only as good as the willingness of the College community to use it and submit items. Any event in which complete information is provided (and conforms to all other polices and regulations of the College) will be posted to the Event Calendar. If the event you want to book is scheduled at the same time another major event is occurring, you will be contacted and an attempt will be made to find a suitable date, time, and place for your program. The Assistant Director and/or Assistant Dean will work to resolve any conflicts which arise. Please keep in mind Albion College's policy toward programming is non-exclusive and mulitple programs occurring at the same time do frequently happen. The Kellogg Center staff will attempt to do its best to identify those programs that might be in conflict and/or might compete for the same audience. 

It is important to note that not all room reservations are automatically added to the Event Calendar.  Many times reservations for spaces are made before specific program details are available or they are events that are not of interest to the general campus or community public. Therefore, to ensure that your event does get listed on the calendar, it is best to submit your listing directly to the calendar itself. 

Submitting an Item to Appear on the Calendar

Current faculty, staff, and students may submit entries into the campus calendar. Your submission will be sent to the Campus Scheduler for approval. Once approved, your event will be displayed for all to see on the general calendar.

Events to be posted on the calendar should be intended for the larger campus or campus and community audiences. Announcements for club/organization meetings and other postings targeting a select audience should use other methods to inform their constituents. Please keep in mind that these postings can be seen by external audiences. If your event is limited to campus audiences, please indicate that in your event description. 

To submit an entry, open the Event Calendar using the link below. Once the calendar is open, scroll to the bottom of the page. Click the submit button. You will be prompted to use your Albion College username and password to log into the site. Fill out all of the event details in the boxes provided.  Make sure to click the "Submit Event" button when complete to send your submission to the Campus Scheduler for approval.

Event Calendar