Advancing Albion  

It’s a challenge to do great things. It’s the catalyst to prepare our students for success. It’s inspiration for all to make a difference.

The impact of every gift is clear for those students who benefit. However, their power reaches far beyond that. Gifts to Albion College make an impact on both students and those who give. You can feel it on our campus—among the classrooms, labs, playing fields and beyond. Through the annual luncheon celebrating Stockwell Society members and endowed scholarship donors, you can see it. In the stories below, you can read about the significant role these generous gifts play in the Albion College story.

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Teeing Up a Tribute

Peter Radowick, '80
To honor their Delta Sig brother, a group of alumni have established the Peter Radowick, ’80, Student Assistance Fund. In the event of a death or permanent disability of a parent or legal guardian, this fund will ensure students who are at risk of not completing their Albion education can do so.

Scaling Up in Support of Albion

Pat Sanford Brown, '53
“This is another way to increase our family connection to campus,” says Mary Brown Lenardson, ’85, about the recently created Sanford-Brown Family Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Music. “We were all on board with this idea as a way to honor our mom. It’s been a very comforting way of thinking about her.”

Honoring a Friend and His Scholarship Road

John and Karen Vournakis, '61 '66
Scientist and professor John Vournakis, '61, who passed away in January, always kept Albion College and his hometown of Albion close to his heart. An author on more than 180 published scholarly articles, a holder of more than 30 patents and, above all, a true friend, Vournakis "was a fascinating guy," says Charlie Becker, '66, who recently gave the initial gift toward the establishment of the John N., '61, and Karen Munro Vournakis, '66 Endowed Legacy Scholarship.

Creating Opportunities for Current and Future 'Fordies'

Robinson HallTwo generations of “Fordies,” as they are affectionately known, who have gone on to work in many facets of public service—from elected office to nonprofit work—have been shaped by the institute, which celebrated the 40th anniversary of its founding during the just completed academic year.

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Bonciel Griffin-Burress, '97: The Importance of Legacy

Bonciel Griffin-Burress"Why wait until later when you can help people now? I feel better knowing that as I'm growing and expanding and I'm blessed with opportunities, I'm sharing."

Inspiring Rally

Tennis courtAn unforeseen six-figure cost of a tennis court renovation project presented an equally unforeseen, and particularly meaningful, opportunity for former Britons to reconnect with their alma mater.

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