Advancing Albion  

It’s a challenge to do great things. It’s the catalyst to prepare our students for success. It’s inspiration for all to make a difference.

The impact of every gift is clear for those students who benefit. However, their power reaches far beyond that. Gifts to Albion College make an impact on both students and those who give. You can feel it on our campus—among the classrooms, labs, playing fields and beyond. Through the annual luncheon celebrating Stockwell Society members and endowed scholarship donors, you can see it. In the stories below, you can read about the significant role these generous gifts play in the Albion College story.

Learn more about giving to Albion, put your own gift into action, and share your story with us.

Justin Sleight, '43

Justin Sleigh, '43
The Sleight family has wholeheartedly followed in the footsteps of others who have given back to Albion to enrich the collegiate experience for many students.

Casper 'Cap' Uldriks, '73

Cap Uldriks, '73
"The most I could do was give her a hug—it has always stuck with me, that feeling that I couldn’t do anything to help her,” Cap says. “That’s why I want to give my estate to Albion. If what I’m doing can help someone in need, I feel good about that.”

The Class of 1961

Class of 1961
As members of the Albion College Class of 1961, Dr. Glenn Corliss and Dr. Dick Swain have come together to discuss ways in which they can give back to their alma mater.