The Class of 1961

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The importance of reciprocating

As members of the Albion College Class of 1961, Dr. Glenn Corliss and Dr. Dick Swain have come together to discuss ways in which they can give back to their alma mater. Both were supported by scholarships throughout their college careers, and, says Dr. Corliss, "I want to express my appreciation by making it possible for some of today's students to be awarded with scholarships."

Class of 1961

Dr. Swain agrees, recognizing that he, too, depended on scholarships in order to complete his degree at Albion. He says he wants to make sure the same opportunity is granted to current students striving to reach the same goals.

Inspiration for the Class of 1961 Scholarship has come from many different places, but for Dr. Corliss it comes from his grandmother. He remembers her steadfast Christian faith, and her belief that you can never be too generous when someone is in need. Dr. Corliss wants not only to continue the legacy of his grandmother, but also, along with his classmates, the legacy of Albion College's Class of '61.

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