Justin Sleight, '43

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The Sleight Leadership Fellows Program

Justin Sleight has enthusiastically supported the College since his graduation from Albion in 1943. He recognizes that support needs to come from many places in order to make a College function properly, and as part of his contribution to Albion, he has played a primary role in the funding of the Sleight Leadership Fellows Program.

Rick Simonson, '72

Sleight was inspired by his brother to start the program after they discussed the need for students to learn how to become leaders, something that can’t be taught out of a book. The two-part program hinges on academics and community involvement. Academically, the focus is on professors to try to teach leadership in a classroom through experience and example. The students involved in the program are then heavily encouraged to participate in community volunteer and leadership positions. In January 2011, a group of 16 students did just that for a week in Detroit.

The Sleight family has wholeheartedly followed in the footsteps of others who have given back to Albion to enrich the collegiate experience for many students.

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