Jerry Gervais, '52

Jerry Gervais, '52

Advancing Albion article

Providing support for future Albion students

Why I chose to go to Albion? Only one reason—football! I knew very little about college, but I did know about sports. No one in my family had graduated from high school, let alone go on to higher education.

Thanks to the GI Bill®, I was able to continue my schooling. Coming from a small Catholic school in Detroit, I was not exposed to as diverse an education as many of my fellow classmates at Albion. I arrived with hopes of making the football team, which I did. I also made the baseball team, and was able to letter in both sports all four years. However, I never expected the high level of study I would be required to complete. Never having done a term paper, I had never heard of a bibliography—I had to settle down and study more than I had anticipated.

After graduating, I became a teacher and coach, then a secondary principal. Thirty-five years in a school system made me more appreciative of my excellent education at Albion. For sixty years I have been impressed with Albion’s faculty and staff. To see the results of what has been achieved by graduates is amazing. Just read the Io Triumphe!

Why do I support the Albion scholastic program? If I had not had financial help in 1948, I would never have gone to college. For that reason, we are in the Stockwell Society, which allows me to leave, in my will, funding for future Albion students. I also support both the Scholarship Fund and baseball team annually. Since Albion is private and receives no state or federal funds, donations from alumni are key to the school’s success. Because of my own accomplishments, I feel helping other young people to get a higher level of education is extremely important in achieving their life goals.

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