Legacy Stories: Haley and Ali Hill

Ali and Haley Hill, while Ali was a high school senior.
Ali, '16, and Haley, '14, Hill, while Ali was a high school senior, at a Britons football game.

Two sisters, two sororities, two majors, two unique experiences -- that explains Haley, '14, and Ali, '16, Hill, a legacy connection that has helped the sisters grow closer and take advantage of a busy campus life.

Each sister enrolled at Albion thanks to a fellow Briton's help. Haley learned about Albion from her friend's mother, an Albion alumna.

"She talked highly of the school," Haley says, "and when I applied I saw that Albion could provide a lot of good opportunities for me."

Haley liked how much Albion students were involved in campus life.

"I think this keeps everyone at the College very well-rounded, and gives everyone an opportunity to do what they love outside of class," she says.

Sisterly Recruiting

When her sister was looking at colleges, Haley made subtle moves to get her sister to enroll at Albion.

"I put in a good word fairly often around the Admission office when I worked there," Haley says. "I knew Ali would enjoy the environment, so I made sure she applied, but the rest was up to her!"

Ali, who plans to become a photographer for fashion magazines, originally considered art school. After talking with Haley's friends about Albion's art program, she changed her mind.

"I thought it was really cool that I could walk to the art building at 2 a.m. if I needed to, and that it was only a few minutes away," Ali says. "I also loved how close my sister was to all of the other freshmen because they all live together."

Like her sister, Ali also loves Greek life at Albion, and the close relationship she has with her professors.

A Stronger Relationship

The sisters' relationship has become stronger since Ali arrived on campus. While Haley was studying abroad in Spain during Ali's first semester, Ali was able to adjust to life at Albion on her own. When Haley returned, the sisters spent more time together.

"We usually see each other for meals between some classes and even occasionally on the weekends, or out for dinner," Ali says. "We get along very well, even though we are different and are in different sororities here."

"It's more like seeing a friend all the time than being responsible for a sibling," Haley says. "I think that college provides a really good opportunity for family members to grow together, but live apart. It's unique and it gives us a stronger bond."