Volunteer Privacy Agreement

Confidentiality Policy

Policy Statement

The Department recognizes that efficient advancement operations require the maintenance and management of extensive alumni, donor and prospect records. Alumni records on the computer, voicemails, emails, or hard copy files contain sensitive information that is shared with or developed by the Office of Institutional Advancement on a confidential basis. Staff and volunteers have an ethical obligation to respect the privacy of our alumni and donors and to protect and maintain the confidentiality of all information about alumni, donors, their family members, and friends. Alumni records are protected and confidential and should not be discussed with or disclosed to anyone except co-workers who are specifically authorized to have access to such information, any person authorized by the alumna/us to obtain information about the alum, or any person with whom the department has authorized the sharing of the information. Work performed, conversations heard, printed materials read, contact with any contents of the school's administrative database, and use of public record search utilities owned or subscribed to by Albion College are confidential.

Volunteer Agreement

I agree that:

  1. I have received a copy of the Albion College Institutional Advancement Confidentiality Policy,
  2. I have read and understand the policies, and
  3. I agree to abide by these policies to the best of my ability in my role as a volunteer.

I further agree that all confidential information and/or grant files, contribution files, contact information, donor records, donor lists, charitable gift information, development data, manuals, letters, contracts, agreements, notes, records, reports, memoranda and all other College materials, documents and data used, prepared or collected as part of my work with the College, in whatever form, are and will remain the property of Albion College.

I will not duplicate any work-related document or electronic record for my own use without the permission of the appropriate supervisor/administrator. I will not retrieve, examine or alter any work-related document, file or electronic record except where I am authorized to as part of my work responsibilities.

If I am unsure whether or not a particular fact, matter, document, file or electronic record is covered by this confidentiality agreement, I will preserve confidentiality of the item in question until receiving clarification from the appropriate supervisor/administrator. Accordingly, I agree that at the end of my relationship with the College, I will destroy or return to Albion College all college documents and other materials of any kind which constitute or contain any confidential information, in my possession or control, regardless of how stored or maintained, including all originals, copies and compilations and all information stored or maintained on computer, tapes, flash drives, diskettes, email or any other form of technology.

The Office of Institutional Advancement is committed to ensuring the privacy of Albion College's constituency, board members, alumni, donors, and prospective donors.

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