Transfer Profile: Marcus Olah, '19

Marcus Olah

What made you choose Albion College?

Albion reached out to my while I was attending Henry Ford College in Dearborn, MI. On a tour, I spoke with English professor Nels Christensen who was able to answer my questions in a sincere way that didn't feel like a sales pitch. I was attracted to the small classroom size and the liberal arts approach to studying. I am someone who is interested in many different, seemingly disconnected subjects and the variety of classes we are encouraged to take fits what I like most about learning: making connections.

What was the transfer process like for you?

The transfer process was quick, there was maybe a month in the '16 summer between making the decision and being moved in. I visited Albion once, to see the campus for the first time; a second time, to schedule my classes; and the third visit, my car was packed and ready to move in.

What have you found to be the biggest difference at Albion from your previous experience?

I think that because of the teacher to student ratio, I am able to receive more attention from the professors on my weaknesses in a subject, or if there is something comes easy to me, I feel that I am pushed more to improve further. Rather than having a minimum to achieve, my education here feels much more tailored to making me better than myself. Ultimately, I get out of classes what I put into them.

What has Albion done for you?

Albion has given me an opportunity to explore my interests in a focused and challenging way. In the past year I have been able to narrow my interests further and have developed a clearer understanding of the work expected in my various fields of interest. It has also given me the chance to lay down roots in a campus and a town.