Campus Life


For international students, Campus Programs and Organizations offers many options for fun and engagement. That includes more than 100 student organizations you can join. When you get involved on campus, your life at Albion becomes busy, exciting, and meaningful.

Some student organizations promote intercultural learning. Those include International Student Union, Asian Awareness Group, African Student Union, Arab Club, Black Student Alliance, Muslim Student Association, Organization for Latino/a Awareness, and Umbrella.

International students also enjoy making friends through the Center for International Education and the Office of Intercultural Affairs, both of which hold annual intercultural events. Contact us if you'd like to chat with current students about their experience!

You don't get a big city vibe here. The campus is very close-knit and welcoming. There is always something to do on the weekends like free movies at the Bohm theatre, canoeing on the river, Friday night comedians or musicians, walks in the nature center, or just hanging out with friends. Matt, USA, Biology, 2019

The City of Albion welcomes innovation and a lot is going on in town. Every day there is a surprise waiting for you. Lei, China, Accounting, 2019

Actually living with students from different backgrounds made me learn lot about their cultures and how to interact with people. The first-year residence hall helped me make lot of new friends who were coming from various places and were also looking for new friends, which was perfect. Duuluu, Mongolia, Biochemistry, 2019

Communicate, join clubs, find people with similar interests and you'll make plenty of friends. American students want to get to know international students. Reaching out is the easiest, most helpful thing you can do. Erris, Kosovo, Mathematics, 2019

It's definitely a safe community to study in. The city of Albion isn't a major metropolitan city, so students can focus on their studies and activities. The crime rates are very low too, compared to big cities, so anywhere you go on campus it's a safe place. Duuluu, Mongolia, Biochemistry, 2019