Admission Criteria

Students outside Baldwin Hall, fall 2012

What it takes to be a Briton starts here.

Albion has a selective admission process because we have many more qualified applicants than spaces in the class. Students are considered for admission based primarily on academic performance. We evaluate the following:

  • Your high school courses and GPA: we’ll look for AP, IB and Honors courses, the number of courses taken in each academic area, and the grades you received.

  • Test-Optional. Due to complications regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and the uncertainty regarding SAT and ACT exam dates in 2021, Albion College is implementing a test-optional admissions policy for Spring 2021 and Fall 2021.

  • Your extracurricular activities: Tell us what you do outside the classroom—athletics, music, theatre, community service, clubs, organizations, and so on.

  • Your School Report and letter of recommendation: We’re eager to hear what your school has to say about you as a good fit for Albion.

  • Your application essay: We're interested to see how you write and how you think.

  • Admission interview: One of the best ways to help the Admission Committee learn about you as an individual (beyond your formal application) is to visit campus and interview with an admission counselor.